• Therapists


    Terrence 25 180

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Gym-fit, handsome, manly and active

    Terrence is a tall and charismatic guy who is highly corporated. You would have a relaxing time with Terrence. He is the kind of open-minded guy that you are looking for.

    Brad 28 181 全新面孔輕熟帥氣 陽剛性感大男孩

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Gym-fit, handsome and charming

    Oscar 20 180 (New) 俊俏格鬥運動小鮮肉

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Sporty-fit, handsome, 6 packs and boyish (MMA Enthusiast)

    Ocean 23 168 (New) 誘惑精實身材的小男孩

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Slim-fit, 6 packs and good looking

    Felix 24 168 (New)

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Slim-fit, handsome and charming

    Sam 23 170  全新靦腆靚仔救生員哥哥

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Young, sporty-fit, friendly and smooth skin

    Sam is a newbie, young and the boy next door. He is humble and willing to learn, his perfect skin would definitely attract your eyeballs.

    Sky  (New) 28 172

    Experienced Massage Therapist

    Gym-fit, Six packs

    Larry 27 172 (New) 陽光開朗的紋身靚仔

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Sporty-fit, handsome, nice tattoo and charming smile

    Gavin 27 181 高大白皙鋼條身形

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Sporty-fit and tall

    Gavin is a sporty and decent boy who is willing to enhance his massage skills that would make customers feeling relaxed. He is polite and would be your good listener, why don't have a trial on this lovely boy?

    Kinson 20 173  白淨運動線條身形靚仔學生

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Handsome, cute and slim

    Kinson is a handsome and cheerful student who is passionate in massage. His attractive outlook would make your return.

    Brian (New)  26 177

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Handsome, sporty and slim-fit

    Ace 28 181 (New) 高大帥氣足球員

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Sporty-fit, good looking, nice and manly

    James 25 173 陽光英俊運動小鮮肉

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Slim-fit, handsome and manly

    James is an amazing boy who has golden hair, which catches your eyeballs as first impression. His handsome outlook with good-trained body shape would make you missed him very much. He is the boy that you must try.

    Fung 28 170  (首席運動按摩師)


    Expert Massage Therapist

    Sporty, mature and polite

    Fung is a sporty boy who is very skillful in sports massage. He would definitly help you relieve your muscle pain, he would be your ideal choice who would not make you disappointed.

    Sunny 27 178


    Junior Massage Therapist

    Gym-fit, Sporty, tanned and big chests

    Sunny is the boy who loves sports very much, his tanned outlook with big chests would definitly attract your eyeballs deeply. Don't believe? Come and meet with Sunny.

    Ringo 22 173 全新乖巧斯文靚仔小鮮肉學生

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Slim, handsome and young

    Ringo is our newbie who is fresh and polite. He is slim and willing to learn. His young-looking face would melt you lot. Come and have a try to meet with Ringo.

    Oliver 26 165

    Experienced Massage Therapist

    Gym-fit, good technic and big muscle

    Jimmy 26 186  高挑黑實長腿舞蹈員 瑜伽高手

    Experienced Massage Therapist

    Gym-fit, talkative, handsome and easygoing

    Jimmy is an attractive and easygoing boy who is very skillful in massage. He loves talking with customer and would not make you feeling bored. His tatto is one of the signature points. He is the boy who you would like to meet with, why don't have a trial?

    Leo 26 175 (首席脫毛師)

    Junior Massage Therapist

    Gym-fit, handsome and charming

    Leo is a polite and decent boy who is specializing in waxing. His professional skills has recieved lots of compiments from customers. Additionally, his outstanding outfit would definitely attract you. Let's come and have a trial !